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HappyWineBot is a facebook and twitter bot that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to pair wines with food, and answer wine questions. Check her out!
Message HappyWineBot on Facebook your wine questions and get wine suggestions for your next meal!
Tweet @HappyWineBot your wine questions! Use hashtag #suggestwinematch along with the name of a food to get a wine match!

Name a food and HappyWineBot will find you the perfect wine match!

More about HappyWineBot

  1. Understand that HappyWineBot is a chat bot and her opinions are intended for entertainment only!
  2. If you stump her with your question, don't worry, she is a work in progress.
  3. Always remember to please drink responsibly!
  4. HappyWineBot is not intended for underaged users.

HappyWineBot is a chat bot that dispenses free wine advice and amusement. If you would like HappyWineBot to no longer favorite or like your wine-related tweets on Twitter, please send a Twitter direct message to HappyWineBot with the hashtag "#pleaseremove". HappyWineBot will not respond to any wine questions in Twitter direct messages. But feel free to direct message HappyWineBot any improvements you'd like to see. Her creators Mai and Kevin will see these messages and improve HappyWineBot as time permits.

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About the creators

HappyWineBot was created by Mai Nguyen and Kevin Cartwright. Mai and Kevin are from the United States where Mai worked as a software engineer and Kevin worked as a media specialist. Not ready to settle down just yet, they took the plunge and spent 5 years travelling to pursue their interests in food and wine. Mai gained a winemaking degree at the University of Adelaide, and together, they worked in wine production in Australia, France, California, and New Zealand. These were fun adventures, but it was soon time to stop living out of a suitcase. Mai has since returned to the tech industry, while Kevin finished his Masters in Fine Arts and is now also working in web development. They work on HappyWineBot in their spare time, using their knowledge and skills to share their passion for food and wine.